Minimising: Bathroom Cabinet

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If you don’t have the time or dedication to throw everything in your house out in one go, or you’d prefer not to sleep on a bed in the middle of an empty room, I’d suggest my method for ridding yourself of clutter. Select a single item of furniture to clean out each day, or perhaps even per week. It’s a less intense way of thoughtfully (mindfully) disposing of your things. Today it is the turn of my nemesis: the infamous bathroom cabinet.

What a mess!

Is this a familiar sight? Filled with items of unwanted or expired medication, products we tried – then decided we didn’t like, but can’t bear to throw out because that would be wasteful? Well, this is what my bathroom cabinet looks like today. I’m in the same boat as you. But today is the day that changes. It’s time to clean out that medicine cabinet! I will not be hiding things away behind doors any longer. Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic choice after all, it’s a way of reducing the stuff in our lives to make room for meaningful experiences. It isn’t a pleasant experience to dread opening a cupboard and then rooting around inside to find that one item you were after in a sea of superfluous crap. It’s a waste of time, and the longer we leave it, the more time it takes us to clear up.

Yes, I am aware there are three tubes of toothpaste in my cupboard, and yes, all of them have been opened. I can’t quite remember why. I also can’t for the life of me remember why I have sticky fly traps in there too, but it was possibly to hide them away and make my bathroom appear outwardly tidy.

The easiest thing for us to throw away is the expired medication, so I can say goodbye to the cold and flu medicine from last year, and also my expired asthma inhaler. This has the added bonus of reminding me that I need to order another one, and should I have an asthma attack in the future I’ll be sure to thank past me for cleaning out my cupboard for me!

Other things we might want to finally consider throwing out are those opened items we don’t want anymore but aren’t empty. Consider: The only difference between throwing them out now and in six months’ time is that time will have passed. If there is no difference, and a cleaner cabinet would reduce our stress and make opening that cabinet more of a pleasure than a chore, why not do it now?

It somehow all came out colour coordinated. That’s a total fluke – I assure you.

I counted everything before I threw it out and I originally had 30 items in there. The cabinet will menace me no-more!

So now I have:

Total: 14 items

I moved:

I rid myself of:

I threw away: 15 items

And that's just about all I need day-to-day. You may need more, or you may need less. I have special skincare requirements so you might not need a cleanser, scrub and moisturizer like I do. That truly is a need, since I don't want to end up with eczema and look like I have sunburn, even in winter.

Now would be a good point to mention sustainability. Much of the items in this cupboard are mainstream products and they are not sustainable over the long-term. There is some deodorant in there made from salt, and a natural warming muscle pain reliever made with capsicum pepper, both of which work well for me but that is just about all there is currently. This is an issue I will need to address in a future post as these items are used up. When I have found planet-friendly alternatives and replaced them all I will try this again. It’s also a good way for all of you to check up on me to ensure I’m sticking to my minimalist ethic. If I’ve filled my cupboard again I’ll know I’ve been a naughty boy, and you will too.

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