Recipe: Blueberry and Banana Tofu Cheesecake (No Bake, Vegan)

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I’m including a recipe here this time as a break from the usual content on the site. I use mindfulness regularly when I am doing different tasks and lately the garden has been a rather inhospitable place with storm Ciara and the subsequent cold weather that has followed in it’s wake. As a result I’ve turned my mindfulness exercises onto cooking and crafting items. This is one of my favourite recipes I’ve spent a while working on, slowly altering the ingredients until I have arrived at something that works for me. As ever, you should take my recipe and make it your own. Find out what works for you and change the quantities until it becomes your recipe. Write it down, and then distribute it to others. Consider it to be a part of your own mindfulness practice.

Note: Almost any biscuits will work for the cheesecake base if they do not go soggy when liquids are added to them. This is why digestives are often used. Rich tea biscuits do go soggy in liquids, and so they would not be a good choice. The main issue with digestives is that they contain a high amount of saturated fat per biscuit, which is 8% (according to the food label on classic McVittie’s Digestives) of your daily allowance. That’s really high! If you want to make your cheesecake healthier, try using different biscuits instead, such as the excellent Misura Biscotti Integrali, with only 1% of your daily saturated fat per biscuit!


300g blueberries 1 tsp vanilla extract 40g maple or agave syrup 250g firm tofu 1/3 tsp stevia 1 vegi-gel or agar powder sachet 2 bananas 60g sunflower spread 20 crushed biscuits (digestives work best)


Prepare the biscuit base in a 20cm springform pan by melting the sunflower spread and pouring over crushed biscuits. Chill in the fridge overnight. The next day, slice the bananas and place them uniformly over the prepared base. In a food processor, combine the first five ingredients and blend them until they are smooth. Prepare the gelatin according to package instructions in 50g of water, making enough to set 650g of liquid. Thoroughly blend the gelatin into the blueberry mixture. Pour into the prepared springform. Chill the cheesecake for at least 24 hours to allow the gelatin to set, and for the tofu to absorb the flavours of the other ingredients. Serve with banana slices for garnish and whipped cream or a drizzle of agave/honey if desired.

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