Vegan Dalgona Coffee Recipe

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Another recipe! This is simple and easy to make from home, but with a Vegan twist. This coffee-flavoured drink originated from Korea, but I've adapted it a little for Western palates. Most people will have these ingredients laying around their home, and you can obviously substitute all the vegan ingredients for dairy and make a more mainstream version.

Please note that the recipe only works with instant coffee and cannot be made with espresso. Whipping the air into the mixture to create the foam fails with anything else. Chemistry!


Makes one coffee


Pour the oat milk into a glass, add ice cubes and set aside. Begin to heat some water and put the coffee granules and syrup into a small bowl with high sides. When the water boils, add just enough water to make the granules dissolve completely into a thick coffee and syrup mixture. Using an electric whisk or electric mixer on the lowest setting, begin to whip air into the mixture until it starts the froth, gradually increasing the speed as you go to avoid splashes. The instant coffee granules and the sugar reacting together to trap the air make this effect possible! After a minute or so, the characteristic foam will form. The foam is complete when the colour changes to a very light brown and the whisk leaves soft peaks behind. Immediately spoon the foam onto the chilled oat milk and serve.

I generally advise serving with a spoon because this drink tastes best when some of the coffee foam is mixed into the milk. Otherwise you get the not altogether unpleasant taste of coffee foam completely separate from the oat milk below it. It's an art!

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